Traditional Chinese Medicine in Rothenburg (LU)

Rothenburg in the canton of Lucerne has a lot to offer. For example, the old wooden bridge of the 18th century. Or on the center of the village, which conveys a medieval touch. Christoph Haefliger specializes in ocular acupuncture treatments for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In her practice, Medasia am Lindauring, Christoph Haefliger also offers Gua Sha, a singing bowl therapy, hypnosis treatments and shiatsu. Despite the many special devices (including laser acupuncture), the therapy room exudes an atmosphere of well-being emphasizing the origin of the name “Medasia”.

«With PRAXSYS, it’s very easy to write and export invoices.»

Since 2017, Christoph Haefliger also uses PRAXSYS software. Above all, he appreciates the simplicity of the program: “It makes me a lot easier everyday work and saves me a lot of time.” Christoph Haefliger usually does the administrative work at the office in her own office, but sometimes at home as well. This is possible thanks to the Internet-based solution.

Learn more about Christoph Haefliger and PRAXSYS in the video.