Swiss Acupuncture Center GmbH – multiple sites, software

The three sites of the Swiss Acupuncture Center GmbH are located in Horw, Hergiswil NW and Lucerne. In the middle of this success story: Yan Gu. The owner of traditional Chinese medicine practices speaks Chinese and is fluent in German and English. With her team, Ms. Gu takes care of acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na massage, moxibustion, thermotherapy and other forms of Chinese therapy.

«PRAXSYS is suitable for the easy creation of invoices and the control of debtors.»

Yan Gu relies on PRAXSYS software. Just to manage their various places and therapists, the program is ideal. As a result, Ms. Gu has centralized the management of the entire company: “We have three sites of the Swiss Acupuncture Center and can use PRAXSYS everywhere”. Since the contractor used the program, it has been able to significantly reduce the administrative burden. “It’s really very convenient and fast,” she says. With a satisfied smile, she concludes: “We have three sites and can use PRAXSYS everywhere”.

Learn more about Yan Gu and PRAXSYS in the video.