Health care Löwen Center AG – everything under control with PRAXSYS

The medical practice Löwen Center AG is located on the 1st floor of the Löwencenter in Lucerne. The organization offers a variety of therapies ranging from physiotherapy to Pilates, fitness and massage. Naturopaths and kinesiologists also work at the Löwen Center. One of them is Sonja Krijnen-Rageth. She is a certified natural health practitioner and a kinesiologist. She has been working in the Löwen Center AG for 20 years.

We looked at some programs, PRAXSYS was the most convinced.

Sonja Krijnen-Rageth and her colleagues have been working with PRAXSYS since 2017. She chose PRAXSYS because she quickly got used to the software: “It’s a simple and complete software.” The patient’s administration in particular convinces the therapist: “I can record my sessions with patients and note how much time I need and what I am doing”. And she adds: “In the end, if I want to pay, a good billing program is included, a push of a button and the program shows me the patient’s bill.I can print them and send them by mail or directly to the customer by e-mail. “The second advantage of Ms. Krijnen-Rageth is that she can access patient data not only in the field but also from home:” PRAXSYS is a very mobile program. “With PRAXSYS, Sonja Krijnen-Rageth is having more fun with the administration. “This has greatly facilitated the administrative work, which I do less,” she concludes.

More information about Sonja Krijnen-Rageth and PRAXSYS in the video.