Embed online calendar on your website

Offer your patients added value and perfect service, reach new customers and fill open time slots: PRAXSYS Basic Plus and Light Plus allow you to easily embed your calendar into your website. Your patients – as well as potential new clients – will be able to see which time slots are available and book them directly on the website.

How to embed the online appointment calendar on your website:

  1. Log in to PRAXSYS and go to your «Practice Profile»
  2. Choose the «Open Calendar» tab
  3. Enter your website URL (e.g. www.example-practice.ch as described below)
  4. Test the iFrame by clicking the arrow symbol
  5. Copy the iFrame-URL
  6. Set up the iFrame (What’s this?) adjusted to a size of your choice on your website
Embed online calendar in website

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame enables you to embed any internet address (URL) into your website. The iFrame is an HTML-code which needs to be added to your website’s source code or that of your CMS like WordPress, Joomla or WIX. In WordPress, for example, the source code is easy to find: when viewing the text editor, simply click «text» instead of «visual» and add your code.

iFrame in Wordpress einfügen

Sample code to copy

<iframe src=”http://your-website.ch” width=”100%” height=”750″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

How do I set up an iFrame-code?

iFrame code always follows the same pattern. Generally it consists of a source (src), which is the URL, and a height and width. These can be set either in pixels (px) or percent (%). We recommend you set width to 100% and height to 750px. Frameborder specifies whether the iFrame displays a border, and its width (in pixels).

How do I add this code to my website?

If your website is based on HTML you can simply add the iFrame code anywhere in the HTML-document. If your website uses a CMS, general instructions can be found here: WordPress, Joomla, WIX, Typo3.

I don’t want to add the code myself

No problem! Our web developers are happy to help with adding the iFrame code to your website. We will need access to your website to add the code; the cost for embedding is CHF 90.00.

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Online-Terminkalender auf Website

Visit www.muster-praxis.ch to see how the online calendar works in action.