Data security

PRAXSYS software meets the most stringent requirements for data protection and security.

How do Internet software work and where are the data stored?

Internet software, also known as the cloud solution, does not require installation on the computer. The software is operated via an Internet browser through which data is accessed via a secure line. The data is stored on a protected server and saved multiple times. No unauthorized person can access this data.

All PRAXSYS data is stored in multiple servers in Switzerland in a secure data center, our service provider meets all security standards and is also subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act. secured by your personal password.

How is data security ensured / data backup?

The data will be transmitted in encrypted form between your Internet browser and the server. If the data were intercepted by unauthorized persons, they could not be read by encryption. The same principle is used by authorities, banks and insurance companies. Data is saved multiple times.

What are the benefits of Internet-based software?

Internet-based software has the following advantages:

  • Data can always be viewed by the authorized user from anywhere.
  • The software is always up to date (latest version). Downloading updates is no longer necessary.
  • There is no installation required. The software can be used immediately after registration.
  • The software works on the following devices: PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.
  • Data is not lost even if a device is damaged.
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