The most popular PRAXSYS software for therapists

Simple and intuitive

PRAXSYS has been developed in close collaboration with therapists, insurance companies, government agencies and privacy experts.

Security and confidentiality

PRAXSYS offers many benefits, including in the area of ​​data protection and security. PRAXSYS gives you encrypted access from any platform. This allows you to view and process your data with the utmost confidentiality. Certified servers guarantee maximum data security and automatic backups.

Work-life balance

With PRAXSYS, you reduce administrative tasks and save money. This will give you more time for your patients and for yourself with PRAXSYS, save about 50% of your time.


PRAXSYS is available in German, English, French and Chinese. Other languages ​​are added continuously.

Complete program for alternative and complementary therapists

In just a few clicks, PRAXSYS allows you to manage your practice successfully. Simple instructional videos and a detailed user guide give you a simple introduction and help.

The modules are interlinked interactively, so you individually determine your preferred mode of operation. You have many personal design options, such as coloring, favorite pages, stationery, logo, and more. You can easily find it at any time, whether with patient data, appointments, invoices or articles. So, you will not miss your “Praxsys assistant”.

Find out in detail in our quick guide or our software manual.

Some features of PRAXSYS


Manage all your appointments centrally in the calendar. In our Plus packages, your patients also have the opportunity to make online appointments.

Patient management

Thanks to the intuitive management of the patient, your addresses are under control. An import and export function is also included.

Messages / emails

Write messages directly from PRAXSYS to your customers: details about appointments, opening hours, holiday information, etc.

Capture items

A predefined article library (590 rates, EMR, ASCA) makes your job easier.

Edit article

Additional articles can be individually recorded and edited.

Invoice / reminders

Invoices and reminders can be created directly from PRAXSYS with just a few mouse clicks.

Invoice with ESR

The invoice, including the payment slip, can be exported in PDF format – or printed directly.

Enter payments

Download CAMT files directly to automatically save payments – or enter the payment manually.

Book payments

Automatic processing of payment files according to ISO 20022.


Various lists of information are available in Excel format.

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PRAXSYS works on all systems

Whether for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, tablet or smartphone, PRAXSYS is browser-based and works everywhere. With our software, you are mobile and do the administrative work from anywhere: in the therapy room, at the office or at home.

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